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This forum is a good paying site. Just choose your interest and start posting. You will earn regardless if you start your post or reply to the post of others. You will are also allowed to post pictures and gain more chances of earning. Minimum payout is $10 Paypal. Earnings are updated every 24 hours. Once you click the site, click the sign up and register. Choose your interest and start posting or replying to the post of others.  You can sign up for paypal later once your earnings are nearing the payout. You can also sign up for paypal right away at the bottom of this page.


This site is pays at least 2-5 cents per post. You also earn each time someone responds to your post.



This is another forum posting sites that pays you $.02-.08 per post. Its free to sign up and it also pays through paypal. Simply click the title and it will redirect you to the site. Sign up for free and start posting.


This site is another forum posting site. Though they have different categories to choose from, most of it are computer related. So if you have background on computer subjects and programming, you can relate well with most of the post.

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